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How many jobs get created when you setup Distribution Database

How many jobs get created during Distribution Database setup – This is most common question which you are asked in interview or you asked yourself during the setup of Distribution Database for replication. I am using SQL Server 2014 Enterprise version to setup Distribution Database. Let’s start the setup; Before you setup the Distribution Database, let’s verify what all…

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Performance Counters

Getting Troubled Of Adding PerfMon Counters Manually, Try this Performance Counters always makes SQL Server DBA life easy by finding the problematic configuration settings for performance issue. But, it is always time consuming and irritating job to add PerfMon counter(s) on the servers. In this article, we are going to discuss how easily we can add…

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Replication Some Basic Troubleshooting

Replication Some Basic Troubleshooting How many jobs get created when we create a new publication? I am going to create a new publication “ForestPub”but before creating the publication, let’s verify what all the jobs are running on the Publisher server. (Please keep in mind that Publisher SQL server is also working as distributor SQL server)…

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