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01. Krishna Deepak – KeyNote

KDSSG MSSQL Tech Unite started at 09:30AM schedule and started with keynote. Krishna Deepak founder of KDSSG has presented the key note, the presentation slide is below.

02. Amit Khandelwal – Performance Tuning.

Amit Khandelwal has given a detailed session about troubleshooting performance tips and tricks. Performance Tuning tips and tricks on CPU, IO and Wait types. Presentation slide is as below.


03. Dharmendra Keshari – Transaction Log Internals

Dharmendra Keshari has presented on Transaction Log internals. The presentation slide and also demo scripts are as below.


04. Amit Khandelwal – Extended Events XFactor

Amit Khandelwal has presented one more awesome session on Extended Event monitoring along with code snippets of its usage in the form of demos. Presentation slide and also demos are as below.


05. Krishna Deepak – AlwaysOn Availability Groups

Krishna Deepak has presented AlwaysOn Availability Groups session introducing all the HA/DR options available and also third party solutions. Above all the significance of SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups. Presentation slide can be found below.


06. Sumit Sarabhai – Memory Internals

Sumit Sarabhai has presented on Memory Internals about Memory deep dive which includes memory internals and also detailed discussion on Memory Internals of SQL Server 2012 and architecture changes that happened. Presentation slide can be found below.