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Exclusive SQL Server 2016 (20 Hours of Training)

SQL Server 2016 Introduction / Installations: RegisterNow_Pic3
• SQL Server 2016 Edition/Components.
• SQL Server 2016 Installation differences with explanation and enhancements.
• Instant File Initialization, TEMPDB Trace flag 1117 and 1118 changes in Installation.
• SQL Server 2016 Installation on Windows 2016.
• Powershell Installation in SQL Server 2016

SQL Server 2016 Security:
• Always Encrypted – a new capability developed by Microsoft that is designed to protect data “at rest and in motion”
• Row-Level Security – allowing users to control access to data based on characteristics of the users.
• Dynamic Data Masking – supports real-time obfuscation of data to prevent access to unauthorized data.

SQL Server 2016 Backup/Restore Enhancements:
• Enhanced hybrid backup to Azure and faster restores to SQL Server in Azure virtual machines.

SQL Server 2016 High Availability Enhancements:
• “Stretch Database” – technology that allows users to dynamically stretch warm and cold transactional data to Azure.
• “Enhanced Always On Availability Groups”

SQL Server 2016 Performance Improvements:
• Enhancements to Microsoft’s “Hekaton” in-memory technologies for real-time analytics.
• Query Data Store — a “flight data recorder” for database administrators.
• Log file working thread enhancement based on NUMA Nodes.
• Execution Plan comparison.

SQL Server 2016 Miscellaneous Topics:
• SQL Server 2016 SSMS Tips and Tricks.
• Database Caching.
• Temporal Tables – Temporal database support for tracking historical data changes.
• Undocumented DBCC functions.
• Enhanced Server Management for Master Data Services.
• New In-Database Analytics with R integration.
• Polybase – an engine i.e. part of Parallel Data Warehouse for easily managing relational and non-relational data.